About Us

Many people believe you cannot combine financial gain with helping the environment, but we beg to differ. Eco Terra puts to rest the myth that economic prosperity and environmental sustainability are contradictory goals.

Eco Terra was established to raise capital for direct investment in projects that support environmentally sustainable development while generating a reasonable financial return for investors.

Over the last several decades, human-made progress has dramatically altered the face of our planet. Many natural habitats have been severely damaged and some completely destroyed. Impending threats demand urgent action to influence and affect environmental protection.

Eco Terra seeks to mitigate these risks by identifying and offering diverse investment opportunities for qualified and accredited investors to participate in financially beneficial projects that positively affect the planet by preserving and enhancing our environmental resources and increasing sustainable energy use. Current and future projects include mitigation banking, solar farming, and sustainable development, among other alternative energy solutions.


Michael Beinenson

Focusing on environmentally conscious and financially sound business models across the Southeast

Michael Beinenson is the owner and President of Tax Incentives Experts, Inc., a Georgia corporation that specializes in business tax credits, tax credit brokerage and tax credit consulting. Drawing upon his experience with Tax Incentives Experts, Inc., Mr. Beinenson founded and serves as President of Eco Terra Management, LLC, a Georgia limited liability company. While managing and consistently expanding its diverse investment portfolio, Mr. Beinenson looks for opportunities to combine environmental protection with a sense of business purpose and financial benefit. Prior to his current positions, he spent 5 years in the payroll industry as Director of Operations and Tax for Choice Payroll, Inc. and as Marketing Manager for Payday, Inc. Before these positions, Mr. Beinenson served as Assistant Vice President with SunTrust Bank.

Michael graduated high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico and went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Management from Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania. Finding his way to Atlanta, GA, Mr. Beinenson has become very active in environmental sustainability and alternative energy solutions in the Atlanta area. He served as President of the Electric Vehicle Club of the South for the past two years and is an avid electric mobility advocate. Mr. Beinenson extends his philanthropic reach to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, where he actively volunteers. In his spare time, you can find him cheering at an Atlanta United game or spending time outdoors with his two kids and wife of sixteen years, Natalia.

Ted Griffith

Promoting social and economic growth in the Atlanta community

Ted Griffith, an expert in raising capital for a diverse portfolio of investments, has been an integral part of Eco Terra since 2016. Mr. Griffith directs his attention to projects that support environmentally sustainable development while providing financial return for investors. He believes that financial gain and environmental sustainability go hand-in-hand and coined our motto: Be Green, Make Green. Ted focuses on financial modeling, operations analysis, due diligence, and business development at Eco Terra. He has previously been affiliated with Old Ivy Capital Partners, Gallery Capital Management, McMaster Carr, and SimpleC.

Ted was raised in Atlanta, Georgia and received a B.S. in Economics from Vanderbilt University and an M.S. in Finance from the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University.

Ted’s philanthropic activity extends across the Atlanta community, including representation on multiple nonprofit boards. He currently serves as the incoming board chair for the Atlanta Families’ Awards for Excellence in Education, on the Atlanta Committee of Help For Children, and board member of Help for Children Global. He has previously served as a board member for the Owen Graduate School of Business Alumni Board. Ted is excited to be involved in work that uplifts the social structure of the Atlanta community. In his free time, Ted enjoys playing squash and relaxing with his spouse, Rachel.


Jamey O’Shaughnessey

An environmental entrepreneur, passionate about solving environmental problems through market-based solutions,

Jamey O’Shaughnessey serves as an Environmental Associate at Eco Terra. He currently focuses his efforts on mitigation banking, solar project management, and business development.

Jamey graduated from Clemson University with a major in Economics and an emphasis in Natural Resources Economics. He has worked for multiple land trusts and spent time at the Property & Environmental Research Center in Bozeman, Montana, studying market solutions to environmental problems.

He has spent a life in the outdoors, fly fishing, bow hunting, and recently earned his captain’s license through the United States Coast Guard. Jamey’s experiences in the outdoors – from the Everglades, to Montana, to the Galapagos – have instilled in him a passion for conservation and environmental protection, and he enjoys pairing this passion with his entrepreneurial mindset.

Ryan Perry

Ryan is a licensed real estate broker in North Carolina who has focused his efforts on commercial properties as well as land development and valuation. He was born and raised in High Point, North Carolina, where he was involved in a variety of activities in and outside of school. He was a Boy Scout and is proud that while in high school he earned the rank of Eagle Scout. After high school Ryan joined the United States Marine Corps Reserves and served his country while earning his degree from UNC Charlotte. These accomplishments helped mold Ryan but being raised in Boy Scouts and becoming an Eagle Scout opened his eyes to the value of experiencing the great outdoors, as well as the importance of working to preserve the environment in its most natural state.

In his free time Ryan enjoys cheering for his beloved Carolina Panthers and stays active by playing in a variety of recreational sports leagues, fishing, hiking, and, when the weather is nice, playing as much golf as possible.

Ryan enjoys working with Eco Terra because it provides him the opportunity to use his work ethic and determination to succeed with a company whose goals align with his views on conservation and making a positive impact on the environment.