Mitigation Banking Explained

Why my property?

A number of developments have recently taken place near your property and the State of North Carolina has issued a request for stream credits within your watershed. Eco Terra believes your property is an excellent candidate for creating these credits. In return, you will be financially compensated, and your stream(s) will be restored to their natural state. The restoration will not only make your property look better, but it will replace the function and value of streams impacted by infrastructure development in your area. In addition, a conservation easement will be placed on the project area to ensure that the stream area remains in its natural state in perpetuity, while still giving you full ownership of the land.

How much will I be compensated?

Compensation will vary depending on the scope of the project but can be significant for landowners. The compensation will be based on the number of acres of land that we ultimately need to utilize for the project and place under a conservation easement. Typically, this ranges from $10,000 – $20,000 per acre, though it can increase based on the results from our technical visit.

Will the project affect my current land uses?

When evaluating your site, we will work with you to ensure that you can still have crossings in key locations to allow you complete access to your land. This area would be excluded from the conservation easement area and allow for passage across the property.

What is a conservation easement?

Only the project area will be placed under a conservation easement. The landowner still owns the land and gets to keep many private rights and privileges that he or she was previously accustomed to with one exception. Under this agreement, the landowner voluntarily forgoes the right to develop or subdivide the conservation easement area. A third party will hold the easement and enforce this voluntary agreement through routine monitoring. Lastly, the landowner, in certain conditions, may qualify for tax benefits from forgoing the right to develop or subdivide the area.

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