Brown’s Chapel Quarry


The Property is located within the Broad River watershed. The Property contains mixed pine-hardwood forest, mesic hardwood forest, granite outcrops, open fields/pasture, and two streams. Mesic hardwood forest, rock outcrops and streams are high priority habitats in the Piedmont region of Georgia. The rock outcrops and riparian areas along the perennial stream forming the southern Property line are being afforded 100′ no harvest buffers in the easement that will protect the associated hardwoods from conversion to agriculture or impervious surface. These buffers go above and beyond the state minimum of 25′ for forestry best management practices.

Project Details

Location:Oglethorpe County, Georgia
Type:Preservation/Conservation Easement Protection
Size:86 Acres

The Property contains the following high priority habitats as defined by the Georgia State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP):

1. Mesic Hardwood Forests

These are described as non-wetland forests of floodplains, ravines, and north facing slopes in the Piedmont. These may include species such as American beech, white oak, northern red oak, bitternut hickory, pignut hickory, shagbark hickory, bigleaf magnolia, yellow poplar, blackgum, dogwood, black cherry, and loblolly pine. Typical shrubs include spicebush, sweetshrub, pawpaw, Oconee azalea, rusty vibur um, and pinxter-flower. The Property contains approximately 19% mesic hardwood forest.

2. Granite Outcrop

These are described as diverse mosaics of exposed granitic rock, herb and shrub dominated patches, and wetland microhabitats. Most have shallow solution pits that collect soil and support various stages of plant succession. These environments support rare or endemic species of plants and animals. The most important of these habitats contain a variety of solution pits, seepage zones, and bare rock exposures. Some outcrops are monadnocks (isolated rock domes or low mountains) while others are flat rock exposures. The Georgia Piedmont is the center of granite outcrop species diversity. The Property is approximately 2% granite outcrops.

3. Streams

In the Upper Piedmont, streams are low to moderate gradient and typically contain well-defined riffles and pools. Substrate consists of gravel, pebble, sand and silt; some bedrock may also be present. Lower Piedmont streams are lower gradient, have fewer riffles and pools, and their substrates have a higher proportion of silt, clay, and detritus than upper Piedmont streams. Turbidity is highly variable, but most of these streams become highly turbid after rain. Approximately 0.52 miles of perennial streams (tributaries of Indian Creek) flow through the Property.

The following information is subject to change before the actual closing on this and other anticipated projects. The final values, acreage, mining info and other data will be available to all members during the investment strategy voting process.