Pickens County Decorative Stone

The following information is subject to change before the actual closing on this and other anticipated projects. The final values, acreage, mining info and other data will be available to all members during the investment strategy voting process.


The property is located within the Blue Ridge Ecoregion, which the Georgia SWAP noted as one of the richest centers of biodiversity in North America, and protection of the property furthers the SWAP’s goals to protect and preserve such important habitats. Protection of the water sources on the property sustains water quality for the Salacoa Creek stream corridor, which is beneficial to protect the Coosawattee River. Protection of the property increases the acreage of conserved lands in Pickens County, Georgia generally and along the Salavoa Creek stream corridor and thus helps maintain habitat and landscape connectivity in the region which exponentially enhances habitat value through increased population sustainability, habitat potential, and diversity. Protection of the property helps counteract worldwide carbon dioxide emissions by preserving mature forest patches which are crucial for carbon dioxide absorption and provide higher carbon gain per acre than young forests. Also, it alleviates the risk of future quarrying and protects the water, forests and other natural resources.

Project Details

Location:Pickens County,
Type:Preservation/Conservation Easement Protection
Size:Approximately 160 Acres