Eco Terra is committed to safeguarding land, revitalizing natural resources, and promoting alternative energy solutions. Our collaborations with landowners and regulatory authorities provide us with the capacity to undertake substantial regeneration activities and renewable energy initiatives. Eco Terra is proud to prioritize the quality and integrity of our mitigation operations to guarantee our projects are executed to the highest standards, culminating in stabilized and rehabilitated streams, reconstructed wetlands, and an abundance of native vegetation.



Mitigation banking provides an opportunity to offset the adverse impacts of industrialization and urbanization on streams and wetlands through restoration, enhancement, or preservation of streams and wetlands. Eco Terra is currently exploring multiple investment opportunities in mitigation banking by locating suitable properties and pursuing regulatory approval.

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The United States gets approximately 80% of its total energy from oil, coal, and natural gas, also known as fossil fuels. Even though they are the primary energy source, they are costly to our health and the environment. Renewable energy creates an alternative to fossil fuels by using sun, wind, and biomass. Eco Terra works with site owners who want to include sustainable energy in their consumption portfolio.

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Healthy carbon credit markets are essential in the fight against climate change. We are currently engaged in a number of carbon sequestration activities including afforestation, preservation, & wetland re-wetting solutions.

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What is Eco Terra?

Eco Terra participates in environmentally-balanced land ownership while seeking to deliver financial benefits to investors. By promoting a sustainable land use approach, Eco Terra hopes to protect and preserve native habitats and species within the United States.

For Prospective Investors

Often environmental initiatives are not capable of delivering financial benefits. Our goal is to bring the two objectives together and deliver financial benefits to investors while preserving the natural environment around us.

For CPAs/ Wealth Managers

If you are looking to diversify your clients’ investment portfolio while helping the environment, then Eco Terra could be the right solution. We have developed a sustainably-balanced approach to land ownership that seeks to provide both environmental and financial benefits for investors.