Careers at Eco Terra

Behind our work is an extraordinary team, and we’d love for you to be a part of it! From advanced leadership opportunities to entry-level positions, Eco Terra offers unique careers in sustainability, engineering, environmentalism, and beyond. Join our team today and discover what it means to secure a better future.

Why Work at Eco Terra?

At Eco Terra, restoring land meets reward, protecting life produces passion, and securing a brighter future not only applies to the environment, but to you. Here, we fervently believe that a better planet starts with people, and have made it our mission to be those people. The result is exceptionally rewarding, because as much as we inspire, enhance, and benefit the Earth, we also have the opportunity to do so with one another. We are driven by passion, encouraged by the challenges we face, and love what we do because we believe in what we stand for. Yes, one person can make a difference, but a team can change the world—and that’s exactly what Eco Terra is proud to do.

Our Team in Action

Available Opportunities

Field Technician

North Carolina

Eco Terra is seeking a diligent individual to assist with our on-the-ground mitigation banking efforts. Key responsibilities will include in-field data collection, data analysis, monitoring the construction of new banks, and monitoring previously constructed banks. A background in Environmental Science, Ecology, Biology, Natural Resource Management, or related fields is required. Please email us for more job-specific requirements and benefits.

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Environmental Associate

North Carolina, Georgia

Eco Terra is seeking a motivated individual to assist in all aspects of our mitigation banking business. Key responsibilities include assisting with land searches, evaluation, and acquisition, data collection, proposal preparation, and credit sales. Environmental consulting experience and GIS knowledge are a plus. Please email us for more job-specific requirements and benefits.

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