Alder Valley


Alder Valley Mitigation Site is located in northern Durham County, NC and will have streams and riparian buffers restored within the Flat River watershed as well as wetland restoration and nutrient offset. There are four different unnamed tributaries with an existing pond called McFarland Lake which will be drained. The site features an existing pond with eroded banks that will be reconstructed to have healthier water flow from the site's streams, degraded wetlands, and an anticipated 200 ft. buffer surrounding the streams to protect against continued erosion and sediment runoff. The purpose of this project site is to mitigate unavoidable losses of wetlands and water through ecological uplift measures. This is a site that is in need of a lot of mitigation work as well as critical habitat restoration.

This project is expected to be constructed in winter of 2023.

Project Details

Location:Durham County, North Carolina
Type:Stream, Buffer Mitigation & Nutrient Offset
Size:46 Acres
HUC: Neuse River Basin - 03020201
Credit Types:Stream, Buffer Mitigation & Nutrient Offset
Credit Amount:557,500 BMU, 1,472,900 NOC, 5,000 SMU

Project Timeline

Nov 2021

Initial Site Visit

Initial visit with Michael reading the legend and drone shots from Alder Valley.