Britt & Hales


Britt & Hales Riparian Buffer Mitigation Site in Wayne County is located near Mount Olive, NC, in the Upper Falling Creek watershed of the Neuse river basin. This project will restore and preserve riparian buffers along three unnamed tributaries and two ditches that flow into Falling Creek. Site preparation will consist of planting trees to enhance the vegetative buffer up to 200 feet from the streams and ditches within the approximate 24.7-acre project easement. The project and surrounding areas are open agricultural land, primarily farmed for row crops. Historical land use has been agriculture for the past 70 years according to historical USDA aerials. The project site will be permanently protected and preserved with a conservation easement that will ultimately be transferred to a land trust for long-term stewardship.

The project is currently under development and contracted with the North Carolina Division of Water Resources (NCDWR). Construction is expected in 2023.

Project Details

Location:Wayne County, North Carolina
Type:Riparian Buffer Mitigation & Nutrient Offset
Size:24.7 Acres
HUC:Neuse River Basin - 03020201
Credit Types:Riparian Buffer & Nutrient Offset Credits
Credit Amount:337,656.784 RBC, 32,985.910 NOC

Project Timeline

Jun 2022

Site Visit Drone Images

Aerial images from our Britt and Hales Buffer Site.

Jun 2022

Site Visit Media

First day of summer site visit at Britt and Hales Buffer Site.

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