Kingfield Buffer Mitigation


The Kingfield Buffer Mitigation Site in Jones County, approximately 3.4 miles northeast of Trenton, and is located within the Neuse River Basin. The project will include the restoration of a riparian corridor along a tributary to and Musselshell Creek proper within the Trent River watershed. This project will result in substantial ecological improvements including but not limited to, reduced nutrient levels and sediment levels, terrestrial habitat improvements, and overall protection of a riparian stream corridor in perpetuity. The restoration of Neuse riparian buffers and other riparian areas along the Project streams will reduce the main stressors of sediment and nutrient inputs from conventional row crop agriculture and reduce fecal coliform inputs from pasture animals. The Project will provide ecological uplift by planting and ultimately establishing a forested riparian corridor along the Project streams. The revegetation plan for the buffer restoration area will include permanent seeding, planting bare root trees, and treatment of invasive plant species (as necessary). The restored Neuse riparian buffer and other riparian areas will be protected with a conservation easement.

The project is currently under development and contracted with the North Carolina Department of Mitigation Services.

Project Details

Location:Jones County, North Carolina
Type:Buffer Mitigation
Size:8.13 Acres
HUC:Neuse River Basin - 03020204
Credit Type:Riparian Buffer Mitigation
Credit Amount:315,000 BMU

Project Timeline

May 2021
Sep 2020

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