Kittrell Hill


The Kittrell Farms Riparian Buffer and Nutrient Offset Mitigation Bank is located approximately 1.8 miles northeast of Farmville, NC. The project area consists of approximately 16 acres of agricultural land previously in row crops and that was converted to a functioning forested riparian corridor. The site is in the Neuse River Basin, and the riparian buffers along the project streams and ditches reduce sediment and nutrient inputs, thus providing both ecological and water quality benefits. The plan for the buffer restoration area included permanent seeding, planting bare root trees, treatment of invasive plant species, removal pf drain tiles, and grading drain tile removal areas.

The project was planted in 2020 and is in monitoring year three.

Project Details

Location:Pitt County, North Carolina
Type:Buffer Mitigation & Nutrient Offset
Size:16 Acres
HUC:NU-02 03020203
Credit Types:Buffer Mitigation & Nutrient Offset
Credit Amount:369,338 BMU & 21,752 NOC

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Project Timeline

Mar 2022
Jan 2021
Nov 2020
Jul 2020

Permanent Conservation Easement

On July 7th, 2020 the landowner signed a “Permanent Conservation Easement” (BK:3948 PG: 131-142, Pitts County). The grantee of the deed is Southern Conservation Trust, Inc, a Georgia non-profit corporation.

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Apr 2020
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