Lakey Creek


The Lakey Creek Mitigation Site is in Macon County, approximately eight miles northwest of the Town of Franklin, and is within the Little Tennessee River Basin. The project will include the restoration and enhancement of sixstream channels in the Cowee Creek watershed and restoration of wetland areas. The project will result in both ecological and water quality benefits within the Little Tennessee River Basin. The project will include buffers restoration, removal of invasive species, cattle exclusion from streams and buffer areas, reduction of nutrient, sediment, and fecal coliform to the tributaries and their receiving waters, and enhancement of riparian corridors for wildlife passage.

This project site was included in Eco Terra's 2022 planting season and is currently under development. Further construction and more planting are expected in the winter of 2022/2023.

Seedlings planted: 18,975

Project Details

Location:Macon County, North Carolina
Type:Stream and Riparian Wetland Mitigation
Size:24.5 Acres
HUC:Little Tennessee River Basin - 06010202
Credit Types:Stream and Riparian Wetland
Credit Amount:3,500 SMU & 4.11 WMU

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Project Timeline

Apr 2022

Images From Our 2022 Planting Season

Lakey Creek planting crew in North Carolina.

Jan 2022

Site Visit

Jamey, Robbie, Bob, and contractor at Lakey Creek.

May 2021

Data Collection

We met a new friend who was only born a few days ago

May 2021
May 2021
Mar 2021
Jan 2021
Jan 2021
Dec 2020

Protecting what matters

By establishing a Mitigation Bank and recording a Conservation Easement we can ensure a protected water access to the Little Tennessee River

Dec 2020
Dec 2020

Data Collection Visit

It takes a lot of data to understand site viability

Apr 2020
Apr 2020
Feb 2020
Feb 2020
Feb 2020

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