Maple Swamp Wetland


The Maple Swamp Wetland Mitigation Site in Edgecombe County, approximately 2.0 miles northeast of the Town of Leggett, and is located within the Tar-Pamlico River Basin. The project will include the restoration of a forested non-riparian wetland corridor within the Maple Swamp watershed and greater Fishing Creek watershed, and within Habitat, Hydrology, and Water Quality Targeted Resource Areas (TRA). The Maple Swamp Wetland project will provide both ecological and water quality benefits within the Tar-Pamlico River Basin. The Project’s goals are to reduce nutrient inputs, sediment inputs, restore wetlands, protect, augment, and connect Natural Heritage and conservation lands to projects. The Maple Swamp Wetland Mitigation project will result in substantial ecological improvements including reduced nutrient levels and sediment levels, terrestrial and aquatic habitat improvements, and overall protection of a forested wetland corridor in perpetuity adjacent to protected NC Wildlife Resources Commission Game Lands and Natural Heritage areas.

The project is currently under development and contracted with the North Carolina Department of Mitigation Services.

Seedlings planted in 2022:

Project Details

Location:Edgecombe County, North Carolina
Type:Non-Riparian Wetland Mitigation
Size:15.34 Acres
HUC:Tar-Pamlico River Basin - 03020102
Credit Type:Non-Riparian Wetland Mitigation
Credit Amount:8.0 WMU

Project Timeline

Aug 2022

Episode 9 at Maple Swamp in NC with Michael and Norton – Eco Terra Docuseries

Michael and Norton speak about Eco Terra’s mitigation projects.

Apr 2022
Mar 2022

MSW Update with Michael and Norton

Michael and Norton visit a rewetted wetland.

Mar 2022

Rewetted Wetland

A rewetted wetland.

Mar 2022

Planting drone

Machine planting shots from our drone.

Mar 2022

Images From Our 2022 Planting Season

On the ground media of our team at work.

Mar 2022

Construction drone

Ditches filled and land graded.

Feb 2022

Images From Construction Before Planting

On the ground media of our construction progress.

Jan 2022

MSW Early Drone

Before construction and planting.

Apr 2021
Oct 2020
Oct 2020

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