Memorial Wetland Mitigation Site


The Memorial Wetland Mitigation Site is located in Lenoir County, seven miles south of the City of Kinston, and is within the Neuse River Basin. The Site will include the restoration of degraded non-riparian wetlands in the Neuse River Basin connecting a larger forested wetland landscape, and providing both ecological and water quality benefits within the Neuse River Basin. The objectives of the Project are to reestablish the non-riparian wetlands, remove invasive species, as necessary, exclude pasture animals from restored wetlands and buffer areas, reduce nutrient, sediment, and fecal coliform to the non-riparian wetlands and adjacent headwater wetlands tributary to Mott Swamp, and restore/enhance wildlife habitat corridors. The Site will result in substantial ecological improvements including but not limited to terrestrial and aquatic habitat improvements, and overall protection of a continuous forested wetland corridor in perpetuity.

The site is currently under development.

Project Details

Location:Lenoir County, North Carolina
Type:Non-Riparian Wetland Mitigation
Size:20.6 Acres
HUC:Neuse River Basin - 03020202
Credit Type:Non-Riparian Wetland
Credit Amount:15.94 WMU

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