Mushroom Meadow


The Mushroom Meadow Stream and Wetland Mitigation Site in Caswell County, approximately 2.0 miles east of Milton off River Bend Road, and is within the Roanoke River Basin. The project will include the restoration of streams and riparian wetlands within the greater Dan River watershed and provide both ecological and water quality benefits within the Roanoke River Basin. The Project goals include a reduction in nutrient inputs, sediment inputs, fecal coliform entering surface waters, and restoration of wetlands and streams. The Project will result in substantial ecological improvements including but not limited to terrestrial and aquatic habitat improvements, and overall protection of a continuous forested wetland corridor in perpetuity. The construction plan for the stream and wetland restoration/enhancement areas will include channel realignment, permanent ditch plugs, site grading, and reconnecting hydrology to previous wetlands. In addition, the planting of site-specific hardwoods, establishment of both permanent and temporary seeding, and invasive plant treatments will also be implemented. The restored riparian wetland areas will be protected with a conservation easement and protected in perpetuity.

The project is currently under development and contracted with the North Carolina Department of Mitigation Services.

Project Details

Location:Caswell County, North Carolina
Type:Stream and Riparian Wetland Mitigation
Size:31.6 Acres
HUC:Roanoke River Basin - 03010104
Credit Types:Stream and Riparian Wetland
Credit Amount:3,000 SMU & 5.0 WMU

Project Timeline

Jun 2022

Drone Aerial Coverage

Drone aerial images of Mushroom Meadow in North Carolina.

Jun 2022

Stream and Wetland Restoration

Signs of a needed mitigation project

Sep 2021

Shallow Groundwater Gauge Installation

Shallow groundwater gauge installation at Mushroom Meadow in North Carolina.

Feb 2021

Monitoring Well

Monitoring the well at Mushroom Meadow in North Carolina

Nov 2020
Nov 2020
Nov 2020
Oct 2020

Never enough data

To properly evaluate a site many trips are needed where a great deal of data is collected before a final site determination can be made

Oct 2020
Sep 2020
Aug 2020

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