Salacoa Mitigation Bank


The project will restore an important trout passage and further protect Salacoa Creek beyond Pickens Decorative Stone and Salacoa Stone Quarry properties. It is anticipated five additional landowners will be involved to maximize and increase conservation value of the area. Additional buffers will be established to further protect the stream from ever being impacted by human activity.

We will be working with various State and Federal agencies to ensure the project is environmentally beneficial to the local ecosystem.

Please note, the timeline photos may duplicate from our Pickens Decorative Stone and Salacoa Stone Quarry Projects.

Project Details

Location:Pickens County, Georgia
Type:Stream Mitigation
Size:300 Acres (approximate)
HUC:Coosa River Basin - 03150102
Credit Types:Stream and Fish Habitat Mitigation
Credit Amount:TBD

Project Timeline

May 2021

Tree removal

Another reason to build a better crossing. For two of our associates it was their first day on the job

May 2021

Dave Penrose Class

When the expert talks you learn, listen and repeat.

May 2021

Bug Collection

One of the important requirements with USACE is to understand the life within the stream. We brought experts to identify some really fascinating bugs in Salacoa Creek

May 2020
May 2020
May 2020

Data Collection

You know we like a lot of Data

Jan 2020
Jan 2020

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