Salacoa Retreat


Salacoa Retreat is a project to allow the members of the public to enjoy about 270 acres in Pickens County, Georgia. Over the next 2 years, we will establish a retreat, education center, trails, mapped points of interest. Guests will be able to navigate the site by foot or a light motorized vehicle, and learn about the benefits of preserving land and water resources. The site is a composite of 5 tracts including Pickens Decorative Stone (conserved in perpetuity in 2016) and Salacoa Stone Quarry (conserved in perpetuity in 2017).

Salacoa Creek is part of Georgia’s State Wildlife Action Plan, and is fully accessible from the retreat. Guests and visitors will be able to retreat into the wilderness only one hour away from Metro Atlanta. Please make sure to follow our progress on this page or our Instagram Account.

Project Details

Location:Pickens County, Georgia
Type:Preservation Retreat
Size:15 Acres + Full Access to 255 Acres
HUC:Coosa River Basin - 03150102
Credit Type:Public Enjoyment
Credit Amount:Unlimited

Project Timeline

Sep 2021

Mapping the Road Drone Images

Drone images of Salacoa Retreat Preservation Site.

Dec 2020
Nov 2020

Initial Visit

Exploring the potential to establish a Preservation Retreat

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