Three Creeks Farm


The Three Creeks Farm site is in Davidson County near the community of Midway and within the Yadkin River Basin. The project includes the restoration and enhancement of five stream channels as well as the restoration and preservation of riparian wetlands in the Abbotts Creek watershed. All stream channels and wetlands have been impacted by hay production, livestock herd access, and livestock grazing. During the project, nutrient input will be decreased by filtering runoff from the adjacent pasturelands through buffer areas, the conversion of active pasture areas to riparian buffers, and improved denitrification. Fecal coliform will be decreased by excluding cattle from the wetland and streamside riparian zones. The wetland restoration will include planting with native hardwood trees and plugging the ditches to increase the time water remains on-site.

The project is currently under development and expected to be constructed in 2023.

Project Details

Location:Davidson County, North Carolina
Type:Stream and Riparian Wetland Mitigation
Size:32 Acres
HUC:Yadkin River Basin - 03040103
Credit Types:Stream and Riparian Wetland
Credit Amount:7,700 SMU & 1.5 WMU

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Project Timeline

Sep 2021

Shallow Groundwater Gauge Installation

Photos of Scott’s site visit to Three Creeks Farm in Davidson County

Feb 2021
Jul 2020
Jul 2020

Construction Evaluation

The cows were certainly interested in our visit and really wanted to know what is going. One of them even starting a conversation with a team member

Jul 2020
Nov 2019

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