Crane Mountain

The following information is subject to change before the actual closing on this and other anticipated projects. The final values, acreage, mining info and other data will be available to all members during the investment strategy voting process.


Portions of the property consist of a mature forest while a majority of the land is covered by relatively young pine forest regrowth. Numerous rare species, such as Purple Coneflower, Monkeyface Orchid, Radford’s Sedge, Green Salamander, Barren Strawberry, are known to occur in close proximity to the property and within three miles from the site. The protected land is within the Tugaloo River Watershed. The Tugaloo flows through Lake Yonah and Lake Hartwell, the joins the Savannah River. The property is protected from further quarrying. The easement allows retaining the natural character of an area known for recreation and tourism that includes well-known destinations such as Tallulah Gorge and Toccoa Falls. Also, it protects a wide variety of plant species, as well as wildlife habitat. Retaining forests on the property benefits the public by sequestering carbon which helps to ameliorate climate change. As of March 1, 2019, Bryan Hudson conducts research on behalf of Clemson University on the subject of how reptiles respond to different forest types, rock outcrops, and quarry areas.

Project Details

Location:Stephens County,
Type:Preservation/Conservation Easement Protection
Size:Approximately 48 Acres