Salacoa Stone Quarry


The Conservation Easement protects approximately 90.19 acres in the Blue Ridge Physiographic Province. The lands are situated southwest of the town of Jasper in Pickens County, Georgia. The easement provides a permanent green space in an area that is within an hour’s drive of the Atlanta metropolitan area. The proximity to such a large population center makes future development very likely. The area is also under pressure for further rock quarrying. The Property provides scenic public views from Quarry Road.

The Property is rolling to steep and generally forested. The forests are a mix of pine, pine-mixed hardwood, and hardwoods, with small scattered fields. The easement protects a reach of Salacoa Creek and a tributary. Salacoa Creek is a High Priority Watershed. Protection of the Property also enhances the ecology of the area by its proximity to Wildlife Management Areas, National Forest, an experimental forest, and trails.

Project Details

Location:Pickens County, Georgia
Type:Preservation/Conservation Easement Protection
Size:90 Acres

The following information is subject to change before the actual closing on this and other anticipated projects. The final values, acreage, mining info and other data will be available to all members during the investment strategy voting process.