Combating Climate Change

2020 was the year the world slowed down and we surrendered to change. We sharpened our battle skills and geared up for our fight against a new pandemic, a disruption that would affect every single human’s life. The only constant of the past year was “change” and learning to cope with our “new normal.”Perhaps one of the most evident changes to our system was the shift in our presidential election. Our country decided it was time to shift the power from Republican leadership to Democratic leadership and elected President Joe Biden. Joe Biden’s first order of business was reversing policies of the previous administration; the most drastic turnaround being the environmental policy.

During the Four years of Pres Trump’s administration, the country witnessed the Paris Agreement’s withdrawal, the removal of Protected lands, etc. President Biden revered these actions as soon as he stepped into the office and re-entered the Paris agreement – which globally limits climate change through social and economic reform. Following this act, the current administration established the Biden Plan, listing their goals to combat one of the most significant issues facing our planet.

The Biden plan promises to combat climate change and The United State’s role in it by moving towards clean energy. This administration believes that the environment and the economy go hand in hand, a complete 180 from previous administrations. The goal is to reach zero net emissions and a clean economy by 2050. The way to achieve this is through tax incentives, federal investments, penalizing polluters, and working together globally.

Another goal of President Biden is to protect 30 percent of U.S. lands by 2030. This move could achieve a carbon-free future but it is the most ambitious move. The move according to the administration will help stabilize our current climate and give the environment a chance to adapt. Currently, only 12% is protected. To achieve the 30 by 30, pausing new leases on oil exploitation would help. Another attempt is the creation of the climate conservation corps, which would help people participate in conservation projects.

Mitigating global warming and climate change are some of the other initiatives laid out in the plan. One approach is to help the agricultural sector by implementing safe, clean methods to grow their crops. Natural disasters and lack of water sources have plagued farmers’ past, wiping out food sources with a ripple effect. Investing in conversation programs will help the farmers, creating more revenue and clean food for communities.

While this sounds good on paper, it will be the physical actions that will move the country towards this goal. Climate change is real, and the fact that it has taken the current administration to act upon this is saddening but hopeful. It is time that the American people and our politicians wake up and realize that. The entering of the Paris Agreement is a step in the right direction, but all eyes, etc. All eyes will be on The Biden Administration to see what the next step will be. To learn more about Biden’s plan, click the link here.