Eco Terra receives the Southern Conservation Trust 2022 Conservationist of the Year Award

January 9, 2023 Eco Terra receives the Southern Conservation Trust 2022 Conservationist of the Year Award ATLANTA– Eco Terra announced today that they were named the winner of the prestigious Southern Conservation Trust Conservationist of the Year Award, acknowledging the organization for its conservation and restoration efforts. This award is presented to organizations that have made a significant impact in … Read More

Healthy bugs, healthy streams

The use of biological monitoring, the study of biological organisms and their responses, can be used as an indicator of the environmental conditions affecting small streams and waterbodies. By sampling benthic macroinvertebrates, we can further understand the chemical, physical, and biological health of riparian ecosystems. What are benthic macroinvertebrates? The most basic definition describes benthic macroinvertebrates as aquatic animals/insects without … Read More

Combating Climate Change

2020 was the year the world slowed down and we surrendered to change. We sharpened our battle skills and geared up for our fight against a new pandemic, a disruption that would affect every single human’s life. The only constant of the past year was “change” and learning to cope with our “new normal.”Perhaps one of the most evident changes … Read More

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Everywhere you go… Needless to say, it’s been a strange year for everyone! Despite all the difficulties and challenges, the holidays are fast approaching, and we are in a hurry to buy and decorate our Christmas trees. The other day, passing by our neighborhood community tree lot, I was surprised not to see any trees left and the lot already … Read More

Nature-Based Solutions

When thinking about the process of nature conservation and maintenance, many people’s minds immediately think of industrialized solutions involving high-tech and expensive machinery and hardened structures. Still, the tools are already naturally provided and available. Nature-based solutions sustainably use natural resources to address issues such as water quality and quantity, climate change, biodiversity conservation and protection, water supply security, and … Read More

Habitat Loss

What is your habitat?  And, how do you share that habitat with the animals and plants around you?  What is the same and what is different?  Habitat is defined as a place where organisms live and grow.  Open your favorite mapping application such as Google Earth and zoom into your location or nearest municipality.  Now, slowly zoom out to each … Read More

Plastic Pandemic amid COVID-19

With millions of infected and thousands dead, COVID-19 has reshaped many aspects of our lives. From how we go to the stores, what our children do during the day to how we eat food prepared by others. Going to restaurants was such a common thing that we took for granted until it was take away from us. Having a waiter … Read More

Building Kittrell Hill Mitigation Site

When planting a mitigation site, the timing is very important. There is a planting season during which you will have the highest survival rate for the plants and trees that you need to plant to build a mitigation site. Although you can plant outside of that ideal window, you will be putting your trees and plants at a higher risk … Read More

The Importance of Stream and Wetland Mitigation in the Face of Climate Change

Climate change is not only a threat to the success and overall health of stream and wetland mitigation banks but it also sheds light on the importance of healthy stream & wetland systems. Heavy downpours are increasing nationally and are becoming heavier and more frequent in many areas. This became especially apparent for folks living in the southeast this past … Read More

Welcome to our updated and improved site!

Welcome to our updated and improved site! We worked very hard over the last few months to refresh content and ensure we expand it on many topics, including showcasing our projects, giving a better explanation of mitigation banking for prospective landowners, providing more video and photo content, and of course, starting this blog. Each month one of our team members … Read More