Welcome to our updated and improved site!

Welcome to our updated and improved site! We worked very hard over the last few months to refresh content and ensure we expand it on many topics, including showcasing our projects, giving a better explanation of mitigation banking for prospective landowners, providing more video and photo content, and of course, starting this blog.

Each month one of our team members will write on any topic of their choice with one catch; it has to focus on how we can improve the environment or what Eco Terra is currently doing to support that notion.

It is very well known that humans are leaving a mark on this planet. It may be beneficial, but there are plenty of instances where people’s actions create a negative impact. We can correct and mitigate a vast number of human activities to create a positive environmental change, and that is precisely why members of Eco Terra go to work every day.

Sometimes we are called “tree huggers” (perhaps the logo gives it away), and we love our trees. In fact, we try to think of many environmental activities we can do to generate a positive effect, but there is a catch: we also need to find a way to pay bills. And that is a huge myth that you cannot attain financial gains from environmental activities. It is a very complicated subject, but a short answer is that yes, you can. We are focused on restoring land, protecting life, and ultimately securing a brighter future for all humanity. Perhaps, we are only scratching the surface of what we can do.

Please make sure to come back to ecoterra.com and see what is new with “tree huggers”!